Nice Things People Do: Random Act of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart

Epoch Video

Prepare to have a warm heart and moist eyes! This video contains 8 acts of kindness that will make you feel a little bit better about the world.

Homelessness is rife in large cities, especially New York. If you live in a city like this you have to put up an emotional barrier or you won’t survive there, as awful as that is. That’s just one of the reasons the first video will move you to tears.

The person behind the camera is clearly just another passenger who saw an opportunity to record the act of kindness. A frail old man who looks as though he’s been through some tough times, and honestly, should be in a care home, is sat on the subway. He has no shirt on and another passenger just can’t sit by. He’s wearing a vest top beneath his t-shirt so he removes it and tries to give it to the man.

When it’s clear he’s unable to understand or put the shirt on himself, the passenger helps him dress. He then returns to his seat and brings the man his beanie and puts that on too.

In the second video we see a motorcyclist spot an elderly lady waiting at a crossing, but the cars won’t stop. He stops his bike in the middle of the road and helps her cross. She takes him by the arm and they chat as they cross.

The third video is c-u-t-e. A police officer stops traffic to herd a mother duck and her ducklings out of a busy street so they won’t be killed in traffic. The fourth video is of another tiny bird – it’s somewhere extremely cold and its little feet have become frozen to a metal rail. The homeowner helps him break free and fly away.

Two men rescue a woman in the fifth video rescue a woman who reverses back into a river, and in the sixth an old man struggles to get his walker up on the curb. He loses his balance and tips over backward. Two men run to his aid and help him back to his feet.

In the seventh a restaurant employee assists a disabled man who struggled to feed himself, and finally, the eighth video, with the most grateful of those who needed help in this video. Two boys climb down to rescue a little orange dog who has become stranded on a board in the water. One of the boys wade to it and when he’s certain it won’t bite him he picks it up and helps it through the water. Not only does it not bite him but it repeatedly tries to lick his face in thanks!

Watch the video to see each act of kindness in full and see if you can get through without crying!