Ohio Voter Sees 'Blatant Injustice' in System

Ohio Voter Sees 'Blatant Injustice' in System
Business owner Tyron Jackson attended a Stop the Steal rally in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 7, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

COLUMBUS—Business owner Tyron Jackson was disappointed not just by the election results, but by the conduct of both parties the day after election day.

"Election fraud is very bad. It's very dangerous to our democracy," he said at a Stop the Steal rally in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 7, 2020. "And the situation we have right now—it's kind of triple bad."
"Half of the country is Republican and half is Democrat. When you have a situation where there's no balanced or no neutral election process, but you have Democrats consistently engaging in voter fraud, that's as blatant as this was, you sow distrust into the actual process," Jackson said. "And there's no way, after what I saw with 4 a.m. ballot drops and the glitches and the attempt to use the pandemic to set up this whole fraudulent system, there's no way I can accept any sort of presidency by Joe Biden. 
"Furthermore, I can't accept any president or any administrative role for Democrats. I don't trust the Democrat party. And I'm getting to the point where I trust the Republican party because they're standing up for the sanctity of the vote," Jackson said.
"In fact, I'm a business owner and I just removed my entire food supply outside of the regulatory influence using a private membership association. I'm literally denouncing the whole system until we can get some kind of justice in this system. It's not right," he said. "And the thing is for nobody to be speaking out against the blatant injustice is wrong on every level. And I love Donald Trump and I appreciate him, but this is a failure on his part to not regulate the Justice Department and have them actually go out with the targeting of political opponents, whether it's online, whether it's in election, this is absolutely, unrepentantly unacceptable."
Jackson wasn't the only one suggesting boycotts; Laura Rosenberger said media networks have played a role in stealing the election.
"I think that when Obama was elected, he was legitimately elected by the majority of people in this country. Unfortunately, because I stood against everything that Obama stood for. And I certainly didn't vote for him, but I accepted him fighting tooth and nail as my president," Rosenberger said.
"Not this time. This has been stolen right before our very eyes and the mainstream media like CNN, ABC, MSNBC and even Fox News is complicit in this. And we should all be boycotting the mainstream media because they are assisting this theft of the American electoral college," she said. "We knew this was coming and it is time for reform."

Public Speaker Andrew Byerly compared the elections to countries without democracy.

"There's been a lot of chaos with the election and in terms of ballots and ballot harvesting. And so we have to have this fight and I hope that President Trump does not give up. We can't give up on this. This is what they do and dictatorships, this is the kind of shenanigans that are pulled in places like Venezuela and other countries. And we have to have this fight legally and civilly, but we have to have this fight," Byerly said. 
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