OC to Use Private Citizens' Cameras to Catch Criminals

OC to Use Private Citizens' Cameras to Catch Criminals
A surveillance camera. (Frédéric BISSON|via Flickr|CC BY 2.0)
Colin Fredericson

The county has launched the Community Camera Partnership Program, which connects private businesses and citizens' surveillance cameras with law enforcement so that they can be used  in the event of a nearby crime. The program was announced by District Attorney David Hoovler during the Orange County Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Sept. 8.

Participation in the program is voluntary. Those who choose to participate will have their information stored in a Video Camera Law Enforcement Portal, according to a press release from the District Attorney's office.

 Only police officers will have access to the data, the district attorney's office stresses, and the data can only be used for investigations and as court evidence with the express permission of the camera owners, it says.

Those wanting to register their cameras can visit ocdacams.com to register electronically.

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