North Carolina GOP Worker: ‘Voter Fraud Is All Over, It’s Rampant’

NTD Television

Natalie Wayne, a worker with the North Carolina GOP, said:

“There’s so much corruption within our political system. As far as voter fraud, it’s all over, it’s rampant. I actually work specifically with the North Carolina GOP. And we are now actively taking votes that were supposedly validated and we’re finding that those votes became uncounted. So it’s not just, it’s not just one state, its many states.”

“And that’s why we have Dr. Shiva, coming today at this stage to speak with us about what’s going on with the voter fraud, not only in the United States, but guys, this is a global epidemic. This has been going on for many years. This has not just started in 2016. But this has been going on for many, many years. They’ve got to be revalidated. I mean, we just had a [case] shot down yesterday by the Supreme Court. But what we have to realize is that we have to unite.”

“And that’s the thing is, people have to unite together and do not let them take this and validate it, it should be completely thrown out, in my opinion, and started over. Because it’s not just at the presidential level is down to your local level.”

“At the City Council, the local City Council was up to us as Americans, is to find out who is going to represent us, because they talk a big game prior to the election. But after the election, it seems that they just fade away. So we’ve got to get them engaged and know more about who we’re putting into office and do our due diligence and do our critical thinking and our research. President Trump, We love you. We know that you’re the people’s people. We know that you’re the people’s president.”

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