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The Reader's Turn

During a time when criticism is the norm, I wish to play outside the box and offer my compliments.

I, though hesitant to admit, am in my mid-50s with a daughter in college and son in high school. My youth was spent more with my nose to the grind in sports than my nose in books. This changed with the juvenile readings I and my children enjoyed. "The Berenstein Bears," "Dr. Suess," and rhythmic reading such as "The Day The Babies Crawled Away" led to much more intellectual interest as they became independent and I was afforded time to pursue such leisure.

However, my engagement in news publications remained minimal for many reasons.  Either the articles failed to keep my interest, the ideology of the paper was too politically sided or unverifiable, and/or the "filler" was redundant.

Then I came across The Epoch Times!!! It was at the start of COVID-19 with an article regarding Wuhan, China. I found this to be quite interesting, which led to further inquiry and my request for the trial paper. After its delivery and my total immersion into its every word, I was committed. Never have I looked more forward to Fridays, knowing a quick trip to my mailbox will reward me with several hours of reading enjoyment. The Epoch Times has sparked my interest in current affairs, government, and politics, unlike any other publications. I feel truth is being served with a side of dignity and honor when I read the thoughtful and legitimate words of the Epoch Times investigative journalists.  The special series is enlightening and relevant. The Mind and Body as well as the Food sections create reader aspiration and consciousness. I anticipate flour drops on my kitchen floor as I attempt sourdough bread. And my intentions to masterfully make the Whole Wheat Heirloom Tomato Galette with the fresh tomatoes my garden seems to yield in groups of 10 will no doubt be boosted by my college student and high schooler.

So, in conclusion, I am beyond thankful for such an esteemed paper. The final page of section A is one of my favorites. I enjoy the introductions to Epoch Times members and contributors and their declared values I so admire. My nose may still be put to the grind in sports more favorable to those who are no longer "spring chickens," but you will also find my nose pleasantly buried in The Epoch Times.

Sincerely from a thrilled subscriber,

Lori Copper

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