US Navy SEAL Stands Up to Kiss Wife After 2-Month Coma Due to Traumatic Brain Injury

Epoch Video

A wife demonstrates her sheer determination to get her husband walking again after he suffered brain damage in a car accident.

At the beginning of the video we are told that just one month shy of their fifth wedding anniversary, Jon was involved in a car accident that left him in a coma and with severe brain injuries.

Laura his wife, rushed to his side but Jon’s injuries meant he didn’t wake for over two months and when he did, doctors told Laura that he would require round the clock care for the rest of his life. Unbroken, Laura quit her job so she could give Jon the care and attention he needed and, after hearing that Jon was now fully conscious, set about helping him return to the man he used to be.

Unfortunately, the extent of the brain injury was such that Jon couldn’t sit up or stand unaided and he had lost all ability to communicate with normal language. But Laura wouldn’t give up and she kept believing that one day Jon would overcome his injuries and they could return to how they used to be.

Determined to help him recover, she began applying her years of experience in Pilates classes to Jon’s recovery regime. Bending and stretching his joints and getting Jon to exercise with her for 10 hours a day. Over time Jon began to improve. He could lift things again and after months of therapy and exercising, could sit up and stand unaided. He became more aware of his surroundings and could remember things and, although slurred, he started to mumble words again.

The most heartwarming moment in the video comes at the end as we see Jon with the aid of Laura, taking a few steps around their home.