Mozart Sold More CDs Than Other Artists in 2016 (Video)

He’s been dead for 225 years, but he’s still selling more albums than top contemporary musicians (kind of).
Epoch Video

Quick: Which artist would you guess sold the most CDs this year? Beyoncé? Drake? Chance the Rapper? Adele? The answer: none of the above.

It was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and he’s been dead for 225 years. A box set titled  “Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition” was released Oct. 28. In just five weeks,  “Mozart 225”   sold 1.25 million CDs.

But, there’s a bit of a catch. Each box contains a total of 200 discs, so it would only have taken a little over 6,000 sales to hit the 1.25 million CDs mark. Which is still impressive, since the box set has sold for up to $500.

Universal Music Group spent 18 months working on the project, which it calls the “most authoritative, complete and scholarly box set ever devoted to the work of a single composer.”