Missy Bevers’ Husband Tells Killer: ‘Turn Yourself In’ or ‘It Will Eat You Like Cancer’


The murder of mother-of-three Terri “Missy” Bevers caught national attention after she was found dead inside the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Texas, on April 18.

The 45-year-old fitness trainer was found by a student arriving for a fitness class Bevers taught, police said. Bevers body suffered multiple puncture wounds to her chest and head area. 

Investigators are looking for a suspect found on surveillance footage who was dressed as a SWAT police officer, possibly wielding a hammer. Authorities released the footage on April 22. 

A month after the tragedy, Bevers’s husband is speaking to the media to implore the killer to turn himself or herself in.

“Whoever this person was knew my wife and had a motive,” Brandon Bevers told People in an interview. “There’s no doubt about it.” 

“I think it was a woman,” he said. “That’s just an opinion.”

“There’s no reason why an individual would break into a church, dressed in that type of clothing and stage a robbery, or what would appear to be a robbery–going through the building, breaking glass and opening doors,” Brandon noted to People.

“If that person was really there to commit a robbery,” questioned Brandon when speaking to People, “why did they kill my wife and leave her wedding ring on her finger?”

Addressing his wife’s killer, Brandon said, "odd as it may sound, I can truly forgive you for what you’ve done. But only if you come forward. Turn yourself in. Do what’s right. Don’t live the rest of your life with this in your heart, because it will eat you like cancer." 


At a news conference on May 20, police said no family, friends or coworkers of Bevers are suspects. Her husband, who meets weekly with investigators, said the door has to remain open.

Speaking with a local Fox News outlet, KDFW, Brandon hopes the investigates keep all possibilities open.

“Myself and everybody else in this investigation, despite the fact that they’ve come out and said they’re no longer suspects doesn’t mean they’ve been eradicated from the investigation because the door has to remain open”

“In a strange way, I’m thankful for the attention that this has received,” Brandon told KDFW. “But it goes back to that it happened in a house of God, and that’s pretty disturbing.”

Speaking with NBC DFW, Brandon said there is no way he could be “a father to his children, a son to my mother” without his faith. “There is just no way I'd be a normal person.” 

“The same applies with my family. We need closure.” Brandon said, “This is going to eat us alive for many years to come.”