Missouri Voter Says Those Involved in Election Fraud Should Come Forward Sooner Rather Than Later

Missouri Voter Says Those Involved in Election Fraud Should Come Forward Sooner Rather Than Later
John Waldrop attended a Stop the Steal rally in Jefferson City, Missouri on Nov. 21, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.—John Waldrop rattled off a litany of election process changes and irregularities that have together made the whole voting system across the nation a very weak one.

"And all of this is orchestrated in the key battleground places? It just looks like it was planned and coordinated," he said at a Stop the Steal rally in Jefferson City, Missouri on Nov. 21, 2020. "It doesn't seem like it was random, it seems like it was planned and orchestrated."

"I'm here because I believe in election integrity, because I believe in the founding principles of America, I believe in the Ten Commandments, which says thou shall not steal," Waldrop said. "And I think what I've seen here with this election is theft."

"When your home is robbed you may not know exactly who robbed your or how they did it, or how they perpetrated this crime. But you know when you come home and your assets are gone, that someone has robbed you," he said. "And when I look at this election and all of the facets surrounding it, something's amiss. Something is really not right here."

Thousands of people participated in grassroots rallies in state capitals across the country on Nov. 7, 2020, and again a week later on Nov. 14 across the country with more traveling to Washington to demonstrate. Many have committed to rally every Saturday until results are certified on Dec. 14.

"We're demanding a third party investigation, audits, and recounts, because it's simply not acceptable to the American people, what's happening here. It's fraudulent. And we don't accept fraudulent elections," Waldrop said.

"The government needs to get involved and figure out exactly what has transpired here. The American people are demanding it," he said. Some of the laws governing the systems used this year should be reviewed, he added, criticizing the discrepancies in security across different states.

"Our votes are just as important as the votes in Pennsylvania or Michigan and Wisconsin," he said. "And they can't overrule our votes with their actions and select counties and districts. There has to be control in the system so that everybody can get on the same page and understand there is election integrity. If there's no election integrity we don't believe in the results of the vote, we don't accept them."

"Why can't we have transparency in regards to these things?"

"These are not small crimes, these are high crimes, these are treasonous crimes. And they need to be prosecuted, the people who were involved in this," he said.

"I would advise the people who were involved in this: If you know something, now's the time to come forward."

"Present what you know. We're on to you. What has been held in secret will be exposed," he said. "There are people all over the United States praying to God with intensity that your sins will be revealed and exposed to the root. So now's the time, come forward, do the right thing. Be an American,"

"Truth always trickles to the top," he added. "We're not giving up, we're expecting thorough investigations of everything that's transpired here because it stinks to high heaven and we want answers."

"We're not giving our freedom up," Waldrop said. "There are people and organizations that would love to see us fall. This is a beautiful country, we want to continuously improve it, we want everyone to be free, we want everybody to be prosperous and happy, but anarchy is not the solution. Rioting in the streets is not the solution, and we will not be intimidated by these people."

"My dad was a cotton farmer, OK, he picked cotton by hand until his hands bled," he said. "And he rose from that. He never even graduated from high school. And he rose from that, he was a successful man. I have 30 inventions, I worked 35 years protecting this country. Everybody can do it but you've got to apply yourself, you've got to work hard ... God'll bless your efforts, He will. That's how this country was built."

"People gave their lives for what we have today," he added. "This country has a destiny of greatness, let that happen. Don't ruin it by stupid ideology. Don't let false claims of racism destroy our country. We're not racist people. We just demand a country that is free and not subject to being manipulated by fraud and theft. We won't allow it."