Michaela Wells Missing: Miss Nebraska Teen Vanishes From Bellevue

Michaela Wells Missing: Miss Nebraska Teen Vanishes From Bellevue
Zachary Stieber

Michaela Wells, the current Miss Nebraska Teen, has vanished from her Bellevue home after taking out the trash.

Wells, 16, told her grandmother she was taking out the trash on Sunday evening at 8:30 p.m. but never returned. 

As time passed, Wells’ father drove around the neighborhood and her mother called friends.

Theresa Norris, the mother, said the disappearance is strange because of how overjoyed Wells was that day. The mother and daughter had spent the day shopping for the gown Michaela would wear to the upcoming USA National Pageant in Florida.

She was also asked out on a date. 

“She couldn’t be happier,” Norris told Fox News


Michaela left the home without proper clothing for the cold weather and without her cellphone.

Michaela’s parents believe that their daughter was kidnapped, but police do not, reported the Omaha World Herald. That’s why police haven’t issued an Amber Alert. 

The family is sure that Michaela did not run away. 

“We’re very stressed, and it’s draining,” Norris said. 

“There is currently no information nor evidence that indicates Michaela Wells is in danger or was taken against her will,”  said officer Laurie Synowiecki, a police spokeswoman. “She is still missing. We are working with the family to locate her. Hopefully, she will return home soon.”

“To have police say she isn’t in danger makes me mad,” Norris. “Just because nobody saw what happened to my daughter doesn’t mean she is not in danger.”

Anyone with information should contact the Bellevue Police Department at 402-293-3100.