Man Wounded in Fort Myers Club Shooting Posts Live Video From Hospital Bed


A victim of the Fort Myers nightclub shooting gave viewers a brief glimpse into his condition after the shooting early Monday morning.

A Facebook video posted by Timothy Settles shows him lying in a Lee Memorial Hospital bed wearing a neck brace and with injuries to his face.

"I dont wabna die," Settles wrote in a separate Facebook post. Just nine hours prior, Settles had indicated in another Facebook status that he was planning on attending Club Blu Sunday evening.

Numerous comments of support are posted under the video. User Kat Lyn Love, who said she is with Settles and that he is doing well, commented: "He is fine everybody and he says thank u for all of the prayers."

Settle's Facebook information shows that he went to school in Fort Myers and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, working at a Foot Locker.

Club Blu was hosting a "Swimsuit Glow Party" event for teenagers aged 12–17 when the shooting took place in the carpark as the club was closing and parents were picking up their children. The current casualty count is 2 dead and 20 injured.

Three suspects have since been taken into custody. Police have confirmed that the shooting was not an act of terrorism, while investigations are still underway to determine a motive behind the shooting.

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