Man Playing on Public Piano Is Joined by Stranger for a Stunning Impromptu Performance

Epoch Video

Two strangers who had never met before come together in a Paris train station to put on an amazing piano performance that shocked everyone around them.

In the video we see a man sitting behind the keyboard perfectly content playing for the crowd by himself on a piano that the train station provides for passengers to while away their time while waiting for their next train. But to his and everyone else’s surprise another onlooker sneaks up behind him and, hovering over the piano player, begins to play too with barely a word spoken between either men.

At first, the original player looks confused and a little annoyed as his one-man concert is interrupted by another man without even a “hello” or a “may I”. But then as the newcomer digs in and starts playing the set of keys to the right of the original piano player the magic really starts to happen. They work clumsily at first creating a tune that neither seems to fully understand where it is heading. But after a while they really get going and start to seamlessly jam together a tune that you could be mistaken for thinking they had been practicing for weeks. As their duet becomes more accomplished they begin switching the side they are playing on and the tempo moves up and down in time with their movements, much to the surprise of the enrapt audience, who grin and smile in appreciation.

At the end of their mini concert, the two men congratulate each other and the crowd cheers wildly at their impromptu performance before both men take their leave and head off in different directions.

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