Macomb County GOP Chairman: ‘The People of Michigan Know That They Won’

Macomb County GOP Chairman: ‘The People of Michigan Know That They Won’
Mark Forton, Chairman of the Macomb County Republican Party, at a Trump Caravan Rally in Michigan on Dec. 18, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

Mark Forton, Chairman of the Macomb County Republican Party, says the people of Michigan “known darn well that they won this election, and it’s just plain terrible what’s going on in this country.”

Forton says he, like many, was appalled to see the vote count stop in his state on election night, only to report a statistically improbably spike for Biden the next morning. Then he saw it had also happened in other states. Other Michigan citizens feel similarly, and many joined a Trump Caravan Rally on Dec. 18 in support of President Donald Trump and his efforts to shed light on the election irregularities and widespread fraud allegations.

Similar grassroots protests have been taking place since the general elections, in all 50 states across the nation. 

“Overwhelmingly, Michigan voted for Trump overwhelmingly. Around midnight or so, Trump was ahead over 300,000 votes, when four years ago, he won Michigan by 10,000 votes,” Forton said.

“Stopping their count at midnight, and all this kind of nonsense going on. It’s unacceptable, and we’re not accepting it. And we never will,” Forton said.

Forton said these kinds of protests won’t ever stop until citizens get the answers and audits they’ve been demanding.

“Until they go through all the ballots, and get rid of all the bad ones and count all the good ones,” Forton said. “And they’re gonna find that Trump won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and all these other states overwhelmingly.”

Forton says Michigan protestors have been at this for over a month, and their enthusiasm has not waned. Loud car horns punctuated his statements.

“These people will not give up. We’ve been doing this every week, for months, I believe. And after the election, now, even more people, it’s getting colder,” he said. There’s been a protest every Sunday at least, he added. “People are keep coming and coming and it’s just fantastic. They know they’ve been robbed, and they’re not going to take it. And you can tell the response of people blowing the horns and everything. They agree, they know they’ve been robbed. It’s so obvious.”

“They will not give up. They just keep on coming. Which is really great. So the people honking their horns, they reinforce us, we reinforce them by being here. The American people know they’ve been robbed. And it’s embarrassing. It’s like a banana republic all of a sudden, and it’s just must be fixed,” Forton said.

He called on elected officials to do their jobs in representing their constituents.

“I think we have to keep on hammering our so called representatives. And they’re not our rulers, this is a republic, we vote for these people to represent us in this time they stand up and do it,” Forton said. “The Michigan legislature is just absolutely embarrassing. They have to stand up and do the right thing. And we need a what they call a forensic audit of these ballots, we have to go through them. And we have to find out if the allegations are true.”

“These people keep saying there’s no evidence. Well, when you have hundreds and hundreds of people signing affidavits under threat of perjury, that’s evidence. So we have a lot of evidence Now where does the evidence lead? We don’t really know for sure, right? But it’s evidence that ought to be investigated properly,” he said.

“We’re not going to let them sweep this under the rug,” he said.

Forton echoed what many Republicans have started to say recently, after Republican judges and officials failed to bring clarity to election fraud allegations: if they don’t stand with the president, voters will vote them out.

“If our Republicans don’t stand up to this stuff, we’re gonna get rid of them. We’re gonna work on it. And we’re gonna replace these people with normal citizens that know right from wrong.”

Ying Wan contributed to this report.