Louisiana Voter Protests in Pennsylvania Over Election Transparency

Louisiana Voter Protests in Pennsylvania Over Election Transparency
Casey Simar attended a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 7, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Casey Simar crossed state lines to join protests about the election process in Pennsylvania because she says America is a nation of laws, and the law has not been upheld.

“I’m not about any certain outcome of the election,” she said.

“I believe in law and in our Constitution and I do not believe that the state of Pennsylvania is following the Constitution and the law. They’re not giving us transparency in the ballot counting,” Simar said. “I want the Constitution to be upheld because without that we have no laws, because most of our laws stem from the Constitution, and without that what do we have? We don’t have a First Amendment right. We don’t have a Second Amendment right, we don’t have any of them at all.”

“We flew in from Louisiana to come stand with the great people of Pennsylvania,” Simar said.

“This,” she said, holding up her sign, “is what matters.”

“More people need to have this mentality, this state of mind, if there were we would have some progress. That’s all we want, is for them to follow the law.”

“We believe that our lawmakers, the Legislature, they need to follow the law as well. Stand up, people,” Simar said.