Lots of Credibility for You Going Forward

Lots of Credibility for You Going Forward
The Reader's Turn

Thank you so much for your news organization and the enjoyable and informative paper you put out. It is wonderfully refreshing to be allowed to draw my own opinions from the fine facts presented in the Epoch Times.

I stopped reading newspapers long ago due to the unpalatable bias on every issue, I would try again in a few years with different papers only to be disappointed by their lack of trust that we the reader could make up our own minds all by ourselves. Keep opinions in the opinion section.

When I got ahold of one of your papers it felt genuine. Well written, interesting, cultural, and positive.  A rare day, I thought, feeling better after reading news articles? But it was not just my lucky day; week after week these quality packed papers keep coming. I am so pleased with my subscription to Epoch Times, I have told my friends, sent them papers, and let them read mine when they visit.

Thumbs up for not calling the election, lots of credibility for you going forward.

I also got your series about the Specter of Communism and am getting a fresh perspective on this problem. Thank you for also offering much-needed solutions once we get a good look at the stark reality.

I just want everyone who puts their time and effort into this mission of helping Americans wake up, to know I am deeply grateful for your work.

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