Attorney Lin Wood Seeks More GOP Support in Fight Against Election Fraud

Attorney Lin Wood Seeks More GOP Support in Fight Against Election Fraud
Lin Wood speaks at the "Stop the Steal" rally in Atlanta on Dec. 2, 2020. (NTD)
Petr Svab

One of the lawyers leading a legal battle over election results in several states has criticized the Republican Party over a lack of support for the efforts, suggesting that GOP officials who fail to support President Donald Trump should lose their positions.

“Ask yourself this question: If you’re sending your money to the Republican Party in Georgia or you send any money to the national Republican Party, where the hell are they?” Atlanta-based attorney Lin Wood asked during a Dec. 2 rally in Georgia’s largest city.

Wood and former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell have spearheaded lawsuits alleging fraud and other illegal conduct in the Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona general elections, where current results show Trump’s opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, leading in tight races.

The GOP has supported efforts to check the integrity of the election, but Wood called out several officials for a lack of attendance.

“Where’s Ronna McDaniel? Where’s David Shafer? Why are the Republicans not fighting for Donald Trump? If they don’t fight for Donald Trump, including Loeffler and Shafer, send them all home,” Wood said.

McDaniel is the Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman, while Shafer heads the Georgia GOP. Kelly Loeffler is a junior senator from Georgia appointed to her seat in December 2019 by Gov. Brian Kemp after Sen. Johnny Isakson resigned for health reasons.

“Where’s Kelly Loeffler? Where’s David Perdue? You ought to be standing right here,” Wood said, addressing both of Georgia’s sitting senators who face runoff elections on Jan. 5 to defend their seats.

The RNC and spokespeople for Loeffler and Perdue didn’t respond to requests for comment by press time.

“I was proofreading a lawsuit we intend to file tonight or tomorrow and missed the press conference and rally,” Shafer said in a Twitter direct message sent to The Epoch Times. “We have filed hundreds of complaints with the secretary of state. I am not sure anyone has done more than the Georgia Republican Party.”

The Wood and Powell suit in Georgia makes 30 allegations of electoral fraud and other illegal conduct and irregularities.

The allegations, most of which are based on witness and expert statements, relate to mail-in ballot fraud and insecurities, recount irregularities and deficiencies, and security hazards of the Dominion Voting Systems machines used by the state.

Between 31,559 and 38,886 absentee ballots returned by Republican voters also weren’t counted, according to an analysis by expert witness Williams Briggs, a statistician and former Cornell Medical School professor, that was based on a phone survey of potentially affected GOP voters by the team of former Trump campaign member Matt Braynard.

Between 16,938 and 22,771 Republican voters received absentee ballots they didn’t request, based on the same analysis. That indicates unlawful absentee requests, the suit alleges.

The suit alleges that the Dominion machines are easily hacked and have built-in functions that allow operators to manipulate the results, based on several expert affidavits.

Wood said Loeffler and Perdue need to urge Kemp to call a special legislative session so that the state’s electoral votes can be decided by the legislature.

He said the runoff election shouldn’t be held on the same voting machines.

“You’re not going to fool Georgians again,” he said.