Ferguson All Over Again? 'Mentally Ill' Man Shot, Killed by Police Offer

Ferguson All Over Again? 'Mentally Ill' Man Shot, Killed by Police Offer
Jack Phillips

Kaldrick Donald of Florida was reportedly shot and killed by a police officer after his mother called police for assistance in getting him to a mental hospital.

A blog post on The Anti Media a few days ago claims Juanita Donald "called the police to help her with her son Kaldrick Donald and one officer showed up, Sergeant Charles Brown."

When Brown arrived, he "ended up tasing Kaldrick Donald repeatedly, and then took him into the isolated bathroom in the family's house and shot him multiple times, killing him."

According to WTXL-TV, Juanita said, "It wasn't but one officer. Instead of him calling for backup, he took things in his own hands and he goes in the house and he rush him and shoot him,"

She added that Brown "just grabbed him and he tased him. Then when he grabbed him and tased him, he rushed my son off in the bathroom and I heard three shots. I was like, you shot my son and he was like, I had to. I said, no, you didn't have to."

An investigation into the shooting is currently underway, said a later report from WCTV.

Details surrounding Donald's case have not been confirmed by police.

This has prompted Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor to organize a march and rally in Gretna over the shooting.

"If the standard of policing in Gretna can be established and adopted as a norm in the shadow of Leon County, that same wind can blow that mentality into a policing state in Leon County," Proctor said, via Tallahassee.com. "You can't help but be concerned in this instance."

He added: "What today's efforts are about is for there to be transparency as well as an expeditious review of the incident because justice delayed is justice denied."

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