Judge Judy Lets Stolen Dog Loose in Court to Identify ‘Real’ Owner

Judge Judy Lets Stolen Dog Loose in Court to Identify ‘Real’ Owner
Judge Judy Sheindlin, star of the US television court reality show "Judge Judy" is shown with a guest at a function in Los Angeles in 2008. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)
Jack Phillips

Judge Judy, in one episode, once let a stolen dog loose on her namesake TV show to identify its true owner.

A plaintiff filed charges against a woman who he claimed stole his dog, Baby Boy. However, the woman denied the claim, saying she didn’t steal the animal. She said she bought the dog.

The plaintiff also told Judge Judy she had a note from her vet saying the dog was not the same age and breed as the man’s stolen dog.

However, Judge Judy said, “The question is, is this his dog?”

She asked a woman with the defendant to go outside and bring the dog into the courtroom.

The judge then allowed the dog to go off the leash to see where Baby Boy would go first. “Put the dog down,” she said firmly.

The little dog immediately ran to the plaintiff, and the case was quickly closed.

“As a dog lover, this got me right in the feels,” one person commented.

“Man if it was a cat it would be different. She puts the cat down and it just walks out the court room,” another person wrote.

Added another, “The dog was already leaning toward his owner when the girl was walking him in! You can’t claim that he does that to everybody, lady. He showed no interest in anybody else.”

Another commenter chimed in: “Look at the dog’s sensitive nose when he comes into the courtroom. He IMMEDIATELY smells the air towards the owners.”

Added another, “You can see the exact SECOND the dog sees its real owner. He stares at him, sniffs towards him, and tries to wriggle out of her arms to run to him. You can see the pure unconditional love in his eyes and hear that rotten woman who stole him trying to stop the dog from exposing her lies.”

A Dog’s Nose Knows

Highlighting dogs’ heightened sense of smell, one pet Siberian Husky detected its owner’s cancer before doctors could, reported Health.com in 2018.

“She put her nose on my lower belly and sniffed so intently that I thought I spilled something on my clothes. She did it a second and then a third time. After the third time, Sierra went and hid. I mean hid!” Stephanie Hefel was quoted as saying by the website.

The woman had been dealing with pains in her abdomen for some time. When she went to the doctor, he told her that it was an ovarian cyst and not cancer.

However, the dog didn’t seem convinced, and later, it went to the back of a closet and curled up in a ball.

Herfel then went to a gynecologist, who diagnosed her with Stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Another Quick Court Case

In another viral case, a man lost a lawsuit in front of Judge Judy in about 30 seconds.

Plaintiff Gina Paradeza alleged the man stole her purse and started detailing the items it contained before it was stolen, including an earpiece.

The man jumps in and calls her a liar, saying, “There was not an earpiece there, ma’am,” immediately incriminating himself.

Judge Judy laughed and said, “I love it!” and ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

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