Jimmy Carter Endorses Clinton

Jimmy Carter Endorses Clinton
Former President Jimmy Carter talks about his cancer diagnosis during a news conference at The Carter Center in Atlanta on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015. Carter announced that his cancer is on four small spots on his brain and he will immediately begin radiation treatment, saying he is "at ease with whatever comes." (AP Photo/Phil Skinner)
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Former President Jimmy Carter says Hillary Clinton has his support—and he told delegates at the Democratic National Convention: "I know she will also have yours."

Carter's message came in a video address to delegates.

The former president said that these are "perilous times" and the nation needs someone with a "strong heart," a deep understanding of issues and a "steady hand."

Carter is also thanking Bernie Sanders for energizing young people and bringing them into the political process.

It "will be a very important election, one that will define for a generation who we are as a nation and as a people," Carter, the 39th president, added in his address. "At a moment when it's become more important than ever to lift people up ... we see a Republican candidate who seems to violate some of the most important moral and ethical principles on which our nation was founded."

"We can, and must, do better," he said.

"We Americans have a clear choice before us. I feel proud that the two Democratic candidates, who competed through a long primary season, … comported themselves with dignity, talked about issues that matter, and presented a vision for our nation," Carter added. "I thank Senator Sanders for energizing and bringing so many young people into the electoral process. To all of you young Americans, I say: Stay engaged, stay involved and be sure to vote this November."

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