Jim Jordan: Trump Is ‘Leader of the Conservative Movement,’ Hopefully Runs in 2024

Jack Phillips
Jan Jekielek

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) declared former President Donald Trump as the “leader of the conservative movement,” saying he hopes the former commander-in-chief runs again in 2024.

“He’s a leader of the Republican Party. And frankly, I hope and, you know, in 2025, he’s once again the leader of our country. No one, no president in our lifetime, in my lifetime, has done more of what they said they would do when they were president than President Trump: said he‘d cut taxes, he did; said he’d reduce regulations, he did,” Jordan said in an interview with The Epoch Times.

Jordan asserted that Trump actually took action during his first term in office.

“So often what happens in politics is someone will say a certain thing at election time, get to D.C., and then pretend they’re doing what they said they would do, not do what they said they would do, make excuses for not doing what they told you that they were going to do,” he said, casting Trump as a president who actually delivered on his campaign promises.

“That’s why there’s this intensity of support for the president,” Jordan said, adding that it’s “why the American people so appreciate him, because he fought for them fought for us.”

A series of opinion polls conducted in recent days suggest that Republican voters, by and large, view Trump favorably—despite him being impeached and despite being deplatformed from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter following the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. Trump has issued few public statements since leaving office, while he did not rule out in an interview earlier this month that he would run again in 2024.

And as for Republicans in Congress and GOP voters, Jordan explained that “our job is to hang on” in the midst of leftist policies and suggestions.

“We need to fight to preserve the values and principles that make our country special against this onslaught from the cancel culture left in all they’re trying to do the country. So just hang on, push back, stop as much as we can of what the left wants to do,” Jordan said. “Take Back the house in 2020, to make Leader [Kevin] McCarthy the speaker of the House. And then in 2024, President Trump runs for reelection and wins, and then we can get back to doing the things that are actually going to make America a better place and keep us the great country we are.”

Jack Phillips is a breaking news reporter with 15 years experience who started as a local New York City reporter. Having joined The Epoch Times' news team in 2009, Jack was born and raised near Modesto in California's Central Valley. Follow him on X: https://twitter.com/jackphillips5
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