Ingenious Idea Creates a Camping Cabin for Just $5

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The most prominent name known worldwide for his outdoor expeditions, and survival masterclasses is Bear Grylls. This British outdoors expert has created tons of documentaries aimed at teaching the public those well needed survival techniques. A combination of his military experience as honorary lieutenant-colonel and his love for the outdoors helped him initially put his name on the map.

His bug eating activities have made headlines, as his love of all things wild and creepy have excelled his career in international television. Now the two guys documented in this clip without even trying have given that likes of Bear Grylls a run for his money.

They systematically built what looks like a wigwam (that’s a native American house) solely out of large branches and saran wrap (also known as cling film to the brits). Once they complete the structure of this project however, that’s when the magic begins to happen.

These two men literally create the perfect home for themselves, as we see them install their very own makeshift kitchen from a wood burner, that supplies heating and cooking facilities all in one small neat package.

Once the chimney was installed it was time to move in. With bags and cases in hand, their water tight shack for two was now a home. Their burner was now hot, making the inside nice and toasty even though they were surrounded by snow. After a hard day’s work these two had definitely worked up an appetite, their make shift kitchen allowed them to cook a meal fit for a king as they have meat, eggs, bread and a bag full of spices (not to mention all the other food we see lying on the ground).

Once their bellies were full, they washed it all down with a spot of tea thanks to the immeasurable amount of snow that provided them with water on tap. The only thing that was missing from their brand-new palace was the kitchen sink!

After all that eating and drinking comes the next problem, they would have had was how they were going to wash all those dirty dishes. Dishes or no dishes this video is an excellent example of a cheap and fun way to camp for $5 or under, exactly how and what those $5 was spent on isn’t stated in the video, and how or whether we’d be left with any change is irrelevant when we actually see just how cool the whole idea pans out.

So, if you’re an experienced outdoors man or woman, this is the video for you! And to those of you that’s never been camping or slummed it in your natural habitat why don’t you try it this way. You’d be cosily settled in your water tight tent with free heating, cooking facilities and water, what else could you possibly need?

Video Credit: cemal AÇAR | Watch full video here