Imagine Missing Out on the Billion Dollar Bracket Prize Because You Forgot to Save


Corey’s Champion Bracket was doing very well in the Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge. Though the $1 billion prize went out the window long ago, he was in great position to win $100,000. All he had to do was click save, but unfortunately, he didn’t.

Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans are sponsoring the challenge. All brackets had an incorrect pick very early on in the tournament. However, Corey’s Champion Bracket was still better than millions of other entries. With seven of the Elite 8, three of the Final Four and both UConn and Kentucky in the championship game, the bracket was in fourth place in the Yahoo pool. With the top 20 brackets getting $100,000, it seemed Corey would be about a coin toss away from winning. Unfortunately, he didn’t pick a champion.

What may be worse is that Corey Johnson, of Corey’s Champion Bracket, had told Deadspin before the championship game that he had picked UConn to win. The Connecticut native says he is a lifelong Huskies fan. And of course, they won the national championship on Monday, beating the Kentucky Wildcats and becoming the first 7th-seed to win it all.

Corey said he was “pissed off at the world” when questioned by Deadspin. Hopefully, he takes solace in his home team winning a championship.