High School Teacher: Children Are Taught That Socialism Is Good

NTD Television

Lisa Hunter, a high school history teacher, attended rallies in Washington D.C. on Saturday and told NTD that children at school are taught that America is bad and socialism is good.

“I know that’s happening anymore in today’s textbooks. In fact, they’re teaching how America was bad in our history, which is sad because it’s not. It’s been a very good country,” Hunter said. “Why does everybody want to come here? Everybody wants to come to America because they want freedom.”

“That freedom is being lost right now,” Hunter stressed.

“It is scary to think of what our children are being taught in the textbooks, that they are being taught that America has done bad things, and we need to change and that socialism is good.”

Hunter said she’s depressed that children in school and universities are being taught this way. She thought people should “standing up for the truth.”

“It might be a long process, but doesn’t matter who we’re talking to,” Hunter continued. “Just keep telling the truth.”

“I’m here mainly to support my country to support free elections, which I think are not happening,” Hunter added. “And that’s why all these people are here.”

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