'Grey's Anatomy' Season 11: Is ABC Show Renewed or Canceled?

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 11: Is ABC Show Renewed or Canceled?
Kristina Skorbach

As Season 10 of the popular medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" wraps up this month on ABC, fans are already wondering about a season 11.

ABC hasn't officially announced that the show has been renewed. The network hasn't renewed any shows yet.

But it's pretty clear that the show will be back this year, based on strong viewing numbers.

Meanwhile, creator Shonda Rhimes gave fans a sneak peak of what to expect. 

Rhimes said via Twitter that fans will see more of the new residence of Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Arizona Robbins, and according to Wetpaint, there will also be a revisiting of Arizona's miscarriage.

That could mean that the couple will try for another baby. 

"Grey's Anatomy" typically begins its lengthy seasons in the fall, so fans can anticipate the start of Season 11 around the end of September 2014. 

Cast members that are confirmed to be leaving the show after the current season, according to Deadline, include Sandra Oh, Tessa Ferrer, and Gaius Charles. 

The season finale will deal with the exit of Oh's character Dr. Cristina Yang, but she will reportedly not be killed.

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