Giuliani: I Hold China Responsible for What Happened to Trump

Giuliani: I Hold China Responsible for What Happened to Trump
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks during a news conference held by U.S. President Donald Trump in the Briefing Room of the White House on September 27, 2020 in Washington. (Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)
Ivan Pentchoukov
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he holds China responsible for President Donald Trump becoming infected with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus.
Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, made the comment in an interview with Fox News on Oct. 4.

“Don’t be paralyzed, please, our economy has to come back for the good of our children,” Giuliani said in reference to how Americans should deal with the risk of the virus.

“And we assert ourselves as the most powerful nation on earth because otherwise you know who will? The country that attacked us, China. And they attacked us with this, believe me,” Giuliani said. “I hold them responsible for what happened to my president the day before yesterday and everybody else.”

The CCP virus outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. The CCP’s attempts to cover up the contagion and the regime’s overall negligence contributed to the global outbreak of the virus. Trump regularly refers to the virus as the “China virus.”

The president has said the United States will make China pay a “very substantial” price for its role in the outbreak, but official actions have so far been limited to a travel ban meant to stop the spread of the disease and the freezing of the trade talks.

“There are a lot of ways you can hold them accountable,“ Trump said on April 27. ”We are not happy with China, we are not happy with that whole situation. Because we believe it could have been stopped at the source, it could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world.”

Giuliani said he spoke to the president on Oct. 3 for 35 to 40 minutes about his health and politics. Trump passed Giuliani messages to his reelection campaign.

“I had to kind of get him off the phone so he went back and rested. He did say that he'd love to get out as quickly as possible,” Giuliani said.

“He feels like he could go out now. He said he felt pretty bad the first day, but now he feels, for the last 24 hours—and that was 3 o'clock yesterday—he felt perfectly fine. No fever. A little tired but not very tired. For him to feel a little tired is nothing.”

Prior to the president testing positive, Giuliani spent hours in a room with Trump and two others who had also tested positive—former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Giuliani said he tested negative for the virus on Oct. 2 and that he plans to be tested again on Oct. 5.

The former New York City mayor told Fox News that he advised Trump to listen to the doctors and take a break from campaigning while supporters and allies fill for him on the campaign trail.

“Those of us who love him and care about him, makes you want to cry to think of what they’ve done to him. Every single day he’s been in the White House, they tried to get him out. From the day he started until now. I mean, last week Nancy Pelosi wanted to impeach him because he nominated Judge [Amy Coney] Barrett,” Giuliani said.

“They have tortured this man and he’s accomplished more than any president I can remember, so maybe he’s entitled to a little rest, and I said to him, ‘You’ve got a lot of friends, they’re all calling me, they all want to go out and help you. You know, we can’t campaign as well as you can, but we can campaign.’”

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