Giftfunding Is a Worldwide Phenomenon

Giftfunding Is a Worldwide Phenomenon
James Richings

Charities have been around for a long time and many of us remember the familiar image of the Salvation Army rattling their buckets of loose change at train stations and shopping centers. The information age now has its own ground breaking way of raising money for a good cause. Giftfunding is a system through which people can donate money to good causes over the internet.

Giftfunding websites, such as advertise the various causes in specific categories like funeral payments, medical assistance, homelessness etc. The website visitors then choose the causes closest to their hearts and start donating. This system has the same look as the crowd funding system, now famous for helping startup businesses. Crowdfunding websites generally also raise money for charities, but they use a completely different system since Giftfunding is donation based.

It has taken the world by a storm, allowing people to give directly to causes close to their heart. By essentially bypassing the standard administration procedures of normal charities Giftfunding allows you to make a difference much faster. Traditional charities do excellent work, of course and have raised vast amounts of money for worthy causes. So what is the difference?

In cases like the Yunnan earthquake disaster fund in China, which was funded by Giftfunding, the funds were more readily available to the charity because the system worked online and with less administration than normal fund raising systems. Once the website gathers the funds they are paid directly to the charity or cause so that they can directly access the money.

It is not just charities that are benefiting from this revolutionary way of fund raising. Many schools and colleges also have Giftfunding projects to help them raise money. Colleges and universities are now also looking at this system as a great way of financing research.

New startup businesses are also seeing the benefit of Giftfunding. The finance for a new venture can be very difficult to arrange. The main benefit for these new startup businesses is of course that there are no investors or interest rates to consider during the startup.In fact in some cases the entire cost of the venture can be funded this way.

Every day more and more people online are willing to donate to projects that they find close to their hearts. Research is a great example of this. Many families have been tragically touched with cancer and if you ask someone on the street to donate to a cancer charity you would certainly get a good response. For the same reason Cancer research raises millions every year with Giftfunding because the topic evokes a lot of emotion from the website visitors. The donors also feel that they can more easily imagine where their money is going since most Giftfunding projects are for a single causes or charities.

Everyone at some point in their life has needed a helping hand, and it is the responsibility of the helped hand to help another.

James Richings is a 26 year old writer and blogger from the United Kingdom. He loves to write about his passions and hopes his interests, interest you also!
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