Georgia Witness Testimony: Casey Sullivan

NTD Television

Over 40 witnesses spoke to the media at Cobb Country Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia on Dec. 9, 10, 13, and 14. They presented evidence of election irregularities and fraud they had collected during the 2020 election ballot counts and recount. Some of them did not get the chance to give their testimonies in person, but sent their video testimonies or did a video interview online.

Casey Sullivan said on Dec. 9 that he personally witnessed irregularities in the November election.

“Also during my shift, I noted that most of the ballots being counted were absentee ballots. And what I noticed about them is they were running about four or five to one for Joe Biden. A majority of these ballots looked identical. They were the same color paper, the same condition of the paper, the ovals were colored in the same, the ink and the reflection of the ink on the ovals was identical, did not appear that they were made with a ballpoint or any other type of pen.”