Flynn Speaks at Rally: ‘We Cannot Accept What We Are Going Through as Right’

NTD Television

WASHINGTON—Lt. General Michael Flynn spoke in front of a large crowd that rallied on Washington on Dec. 12 to protest election fraud, and began with the story of Jericho.

“We are in a crucible moment in the history of the United States of America,” he said at the “Let the Church Roar” rally at the National Mall. “And remember, the courts do not decide who the next president of the United States will be ... We the people decide.”

Thousands gathered to join marches and rallies in Washington on Dec. 12, petitioning the government for fair elections and transparent counting. Similar grassroots protests took place every Saturday since the general election in capitals across the 50 states.

“There are a lot of paths that are still playing out,” Flynn said. “If there’s a guy that could be vindictive or scornful, you’re looking at him. But I’m not.”

“This is about our faith, this is about our faith in each other, and this is about our Constitution and the fabric of our Constitution,” he said.

“This nation is going through a historic Constitutional crisis and we know it, we all know it, not just those people who voted for Trump. The entire country, the entire world is watching what we’re doing right now. And we’ve got to get it right. This actually is not about President Donald J. Trump, this is about the presidency of the United States of America,” he said.

Flynn spoke about what the Constitution was, and whether there was anyone to blame.

“We the people vote for these people. We vote people in, and we vote people out. And we’ve got to be thinking about who do we vote out,” he said. “The founding fathers were really brilliant, they were brilliant. And they said, we know that there is going to be corruption, right here inside the walls of Jericho. They knew it, so they created something where the states have responsibility. The people closest to ‘We the People’ are the state legislators, that’s super important.”

“We cannot accept what we are going through as right,” he said. None of our past wars were tests of America’s foundation the way this crisis is, he added, saying he had one vital message he wanted listeners to take away.

“In our minds, that’s where we find fear,” he said. “But it’s in our hearts that we truly know what is right ... and what I’m telling you is we need to be fearless as Americans. And we need to be fearless because truth, truth will always triumph over lies.”

“Justice, justice that we’re watching play out in spades, justice will always triumph over abuse and fraud,” said Flynn, who has traveled to six continents. “Our justice has to triumph ... that’s one thing that makes us different from the rest of the world.”

“Honesty will always triumph over corruption,” he said, asking the states with disputed election results to give the people the recount, or audit, or signature verification that has been asked for.

“Why not? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding from?” he said. “They’re hiding from something.”

“We have to honor each other and we have to honor our country,” Flynn said. He spoke of the men and women of the military serving around the world, putting their lives on the line because they love this country. “The greatness of the American culture, the greatness which is driven into the American soldier, is a soldier who can stand there in the middle of the toughest firefight of his life, where someone is trying to take his life ... and in a split second he can go and jump and protect a child from harm ... only in America do we train that way, only in America do we have that kind of culture.”

“So we’re in a battle, we’re in a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of this country,” he said. “We will win. We will win, because that is the truth.”

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