Captivating Art Restoration Caught On Video

Epoch Video

In the now viral Facebook video, watch as talented artist Julian Baumgartner, of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago, works through the process of retouching and repairing catastrophic damage affecting the face of a mid-19th century portrait. Using precision and a meticulous artist’s touch, with the help of archival and reversible materials to repair the tear across the portrait’s face, Baumgartner is able to carefully restore the portrait to make the painting and antique piece appear whole again.

When Baumgartner begins in his small studio, the antique portrait is covered in grime, old varnish and discolored. It is in desperate need of restoration, leaving viewers wondering just what Baumgartner can do. Throughout the time-lapse, his careful skill reveals his true craft as a beautifully restored portrait begins to take shape, replacing the grimy, old, discolored portrait of before.

This sped-up video covers approximately one hour of real-time restoration efforts by Baumgartner. It leaves viewers shocked by Baumgartner’s artistic craft and his ability to restore and repair damaged, antique paintings, and it has since gone viral on Facebook as a result. Watch the video yourself today to see his amazing talent.

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