Exclusive Interview: Korean Actress, Lee Yeonhee

Korean Actress, Lee Yeon Hee—known as the "Innocent Beauty" in Korea—introduces her new film "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island."

Korean Actress, Lee Yeon Hee who is known as the "Innocent Beauty" in Korea, was invited to Hallyu World's Celebrity Interview to introduce her new film "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" which is the sequel to popular film "Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow."

The action-comedy tells the story of an unlikely pair of a Joseon top detective and his sidekick, a dog fancier. They are tasked with a secretive mission to investigate a series of major cases. In the film, Lee Yeon Hee plays the role of a mysterious young woman.

Find out about her role as the only female lead in this latest action film where she co-stars with Kim Myung-Min and Oh Dal-su.  Also get an insight into her hobbies, fashion sense, family background, and her most recent happiest moments.

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