Exclusive Interview: Korean Actress, Hwang Jung-Eum


Korean actress, Hwang Jung-eum originally made her debut with idol group Sugar, but also excels in acting.

In the drama "Secret Love" she played the role of a  female protagonist, and received the title "Queen of Tears" because of her role, range of emotions, and the crying. In real life, she is actually immensely funny.

In the recent drama "Kill Me, Heal Me" she worked with Ji Sung again. Her portrayal as an adorable secret physician is loved by everyone.

Ji Sung plays a character with seven different personalities, and Hwang Jung-eum has to deal with all of them.

As for Hwang Jung-eum, she says she feels like she has at least seven personalities herself. "I am also always surprised by the personalities that I am not aware of."

Take a look at our Celebrity Interview today at Hallyu World with actress Hwang Jung-eum, and find out which of the seven personalities "Kill Me, Heal Me" she likes the most.

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