Our country has been gifted with an abundance of natural gas and oil
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The left have created an alphabet soup intended to destroy our country. If the letters continue to look innocuous, it’s just a disguise for the damage they are doing throughout government, business, and our personal lives, as havoc is being wreaked.
ESG stands for environmental and social governance. The environmental movement is a construct to cause irrational fear, and those wise enough to see its error have been threatened with loss of support for grants and recognition if they stray from the approved narrative. Weather has always changed, and looking at the past shows evidence there have been more extreme periods before men were using petroleum.
Our country has been gifted with an abundance of natural gas and oil, and we have the technology to remove it from the earth and process it more cleanly than the countries from whom we are now forced to purchase it.
Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel to create electricity, as is nuclear, and safety standards are much improved. Catalytic converters burn gasoline with fewer emissions, and the carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere feeds plant life, which produces oxygen for us to breathe. Wow! Whoever thought to create that.
Wind and solar are not consistently available as sources of electricity. Furthermore, wind turbines on land or sea destroy birds and whales as they are dying by the hundreds and thousands. Solar panels destroy life in the desert, and in the end, the turbines and batteries all become hazardous waste, an expensive investment we make to support China.
Also, batteries are impractical for energy storage; they’re extremely heavy. Airplanes can’t fly on batteries, nor are they efficient for transport or agricultural machines. Maybe those ivory tower experts need some real life experience.
Social justice is an attempt to divide us once again into ethnic or gender groups, oppressed and oppressors, the opposite of what our Founders had in mind. Over the centuries, as new peoples have come from around the globe, they have assimilated and become contributing citizens, enriching all of us. Speaking English brought us all together, even as we kept the history of our family ancestry.
DEI pushes diversity by skin color, race, gender, cultures. Equity is a problem. Equality is like a fulcrum, with quality on one side and equity on the other. Equity demands equal outcomes, but if it outbalances quality, then we lose those talents which lead to greatness.
When inclusion is enforced, rather than earned by quality, then those included are losers too, victims of political correctness. What we really need is quality education for all, especially the disadvantaged, whose whole lives are wasted because we didn’t care enough.
In the past, sexual preferences were a private matter, but when the LGBT movement became militant, they wanted to dictate their morals to everyone. Then when the trans movement gained power, they came for our children, and that was the last straw. Children are our most precious future, and they don’t belong to the government.
As government becomes more intrusive, our battle becomes more important. No longer can we trust them to have our best interests, as we have sadly learned through these last years in our struggle to learn the truth about COVID and the vaccines. The United States is a special birthright to us, or earned by legal immigrants. This country has been a beacon to the whole earth, and we must not lose it to those who seek to destroy it for their own power.
Gretchen Kieding 
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