Election Protester: ‘This Is the End of Our Republic If We Do Not Fight’

Election Protester: ‘This Is the End of Our Republic If We Do Not Fight’
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Brendan, a college student studying constitutional law, traveled from Baltimore to protest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, one of the states where election results have been heavily contested.

“I’m coming here because of the fact that this is the end of our Republic, if we do not fight this,” he said. “State legislators control election laws, not judges, not governors, and not the election committee. The fact that they’re changing these laws, is in direct violation of the Constitution. And it’s time that we stand up.”

“It is important to fight it. We all know that this election was stolen. And all you have to do is look at the questioning that these machines are having. From forensic audits, to the subpoenas that like for example, Maricopa County, subpoenas that are being denied, they’re denying everything, hiding evidence.”

“We deserve our time in court to be able to present all of this evidence,” he said. “Because the taking away of our vote, that is the one right that we have that the one right that we have for the people to have power over the government. Once that right is taken away, we will never get that back. That is why this is so important. And that is why I’m going into constitutional law.”

He has been following the election disputes closely and been disappointed by elected officials, courts, and other legal avenues the fight has been taking.

“I think the most important thing, is that [President Donald] Trump uses his power as president to ensure that this election was free and balanced,” he said, urging the president to take more action. “Send the military to each of these counties that are being questioned, and truly investigate everything. Because if we, if this proceeds, and we don’t fight it, and Biden ends up being president under a fraudulent election, it’s going to happen for elections for years and years and years to come.”

He said that more and more Americans seem to support at least partial use of martial law, and many want to see revotes, which the military could help secure.

“We have to have security in our elections, and the military is the best course of action for security,” he said.

He urged those concerned Americans to do what he is doing.

“Speak up. Get out here in Harrisburg, stand out here protest. Show your support for Trump. Show your support for election integrity. And don’t let anyone silence you,” he said. “Stand up for yourself. Stand up for this country, because at this point in time, this is the most important time in our history to do so.

He said he was confident Trump would prevail.

“My hope comes from God. God always wins. And the light will come, truth will come,” he said. “I think that it comes from a lot of willpower of the people and their ability to stand up and fight.”

With reporting by Frank Liang.