Deep Dive (Sept. 16): Capitol Fence Back Up, National Guard Called in Ahead of Sept. Rally

Tiffany Meier

Security fences are going back up around the nation’s Capitol. The Capitol Police are asking the National Guard to help with security if needed ahead of a rally planned for Saturday. Authorities are worried the event could be a repeat of Jan. 6. Hundreds are expected at the “Justice for J6” event, organized by Look Ahead America. The group is seeking to release people who were charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol incident. Over 600 were charged, and many are still in jail pending trial, including people who aren’t accused of violence. Similar rallies are also taking place in 17 states.

Microsoft is letting users ditch their passwords, giving them ways to access their accounts without one. This is the latest in combating security breaches. Users can download the Microsoft authenticator app to their smartphone, and then use a security key or a verification code sent to their smartphone or an email address. Another option is "Windows Hello," which scans the face, iris, or fingerprint.

Instagram says it's looking at new ways to discourage users from focusing on their physical appearance after the Wall Street Journal revealed Facebook researchers have repeatedly found Instagram is toxic for teen girls. Lawmakers are taking action: Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) released a joint statement Tuesday, saying they're launching a bipartisan investigation into Facebook. They write, “It is clear that Facebook is incapable of holding itself accountable,” adding that “The Wall Street Journal’s reporting reveals Facebook’s leadership to be focused on a growth-at-all-costs mindset that valued profits over the health and lives of children and teens.” This comes as four Olympic gymnasts on Capitol Hill testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about how the FBI mishandled abuse allegations brought against Larry Nassar.

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Tiffany Meier is a New York-based reporter and host of NTD's "China in Focus."