Deep Dive (March 4): Capitol Police Request National Guard Stay in DC Longer

Tiffany Meier

Capitol Police are requesting National Guard presence in D.C. to be extended beyond March 12. According to The Associated Press, defense officials say the new proposal is being reviewed by the Pentagon.

Two controversial bills passed in the House. One would shake up the election process across the nation. The bill would make many of the election reforms introduced last year amid the pandemic into permanent federal law.

And the other is a police reform bill. Named the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,” the bill narrowly passed the House along party lines. It would ban controversial police tactics such as chokeholds and no-knock warrants, and it would establish guidelines for police departments nationwide.

Now Republicans are pushing back against both.

President Biden is weighing in on states rolling back mask mandates and opening up their economies. He called it “Neanderthal thinking” and says it’s a big mistake to end safety measures too soon.

A big shakeup in the digital ad world: Google announced it won’t build new tools to track users around the internet and it’s phasing out the practice of letting companies track users across the web using cookies by next year.

Facebook is now allowing political ads again starting Thursday after the company banned them to combat misinformation surrounding the presidential election.

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Tiffany Meier is a New York-based reporter and host of NTD's "China in Focus."
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