David Harris Jr: ‘We’re Still Going to Fight, We Fight Every Day’

David Harris Jr: ‘We’re Still Going to Fight, We Fight Every Day’
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WASHINGTON—Writer and podcaster David Harris Jr. has been publishing about 25 articles a day on his independent media outlet DavidHarrisJr.com because he, like many Americans, have lost trust in legacy media.

“The media does have the power. What the people don’t understand is it’s programming,” he said at a rally in Washington on Jan. 6. Hundreds of thousands turned up on Wednesday to demonstrate ahead of the joint session of Congress.

“We used to, could trust our media, but our media has been bought. There are so many ties to foreign agencies and foreign countries that are trying to infiltrate our country’s minds and so they do it through programming. Big tech is the same,” he said. He has faced censorship himself. “Big tech has been censoring me; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they censor me like crazy, they take followers from me, the lower my reach. But we’re still going to fight, we fight every day.”

He came to cover the demonstrations and rallies for Trump on Jan. 6.

“The turnout for this president is amazing,” he said. “At least 75, if not 80 million Americans support this president. I do not believe with any ounce of my being, that Joe Biden got 80 million votes, more than any other president in history.”

“I believe this election was absolutely stolen from the American people, and we’re not just going to sit back and take it quietly,” he said. He added that what just happened in the Georgia senate runoff elections was the same as what happened on Nov. 3.

“It was the same voting machines, several voting machines went down, and I think they stole those elections from those two senators, Loeffler and Perdue, and again I hope that we have justice,” he said.

Regardless of what plays out in Congress on Wednesday, he had hope for justice.

“I can’t really speak to what’s going to happen but one thing I know for sure is God is good. He loves this country, He’s not going to leave this country aside no matter what happens,” he said. “Enough people in our country are praying, believing, for God’s will to be done and it will be done. This is just a ripple we have to deal with.”

With reporting by Fang Fei.