Data Scientist Discovers Unusual Change in Votes


Data scientist Sarah Eaglesfield says she discovered unusual changes in vote counts in several states during the 2020 election.

According to her research, nearly 60 counties across the United States had ballots removed from the total count after they'd been counted.

She said that the changes in data indicate the vote-counting software, known as Dominion Voting Systems, is flawed.

Based on her analysis, ballots in Wayne County, Michigan were counted more than once. Numbers show that ballots with the same voter ID appeared several times in the vote-counting software.

She explained she feels the discrepancies combined with evidence of dead voters make it impossible for anyone to determine what the real election results were.

Sarah Eaglesfield said: “Any news or any figures that are being fed back to you, they might be accurate within a few hundred thousand, but they’re not going to be the accurate result for the state, unless there’s been a hand count, and I believe all the states do need to audit what they’re turning over.”

Since the topic was first mentioned, many major media outlets dismissed the possibility of voter fraud and other forms of election interference, including glitches in vote-counting software.

Sarah said it’s integral for a fair election to report accurate figures.

Lawsuits filed by the Trump Campaign in the battleground states are still pending.