Create a seamless system from payment to scheduling for under $50

Create a seamless system from payment to scheduling for under $50
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Deborah Asseraf

I went to a small business expo two weeks ago to see what was new on the market. In less then 30 minutes I had spotted over 50 different CRM and digital marketing software companies. With so many choices –each offering you a free 30day trial- who has the time to actually find out which service is right for them? Below 2 different ways in which you can create a seamless system to get clients checked out, signed-up and ready to roll.


Option 1 

The first option will help you create a system that has clients go from booking and paying for a service to scheduling an appointment time and having them fill out any contracts or necessary worksheets. Here’s how you do it.


1. Create a word document that will act as your squeeze page. On this document write a welcome message, a brief description of your service and paste link for check out basket (i.e. Paypal) and a link for any contract you need clients to sign.


2. If you will be using a contract, sign up for EchoSign (a free service). Open your contract as a word document and save it as a PDF. Then upload it to EchoSign and assign signature fields for your clients to electronically sign it. EchoSign will keep track of what’s sent out, what comes back and you can even download your signed agreement files.  


3. Then, sign up for Their PLUS package is perfect for anyone starting out and only selling a couple of key packages. This service is $34 a month (limited time sale) and there is no annual contact in place. Set up your payments and automated emails through 1shoppingcart. This step can be a bit tedious so watch a couple How-To videos on the 1ShoppingCart dashboard before you get started. 


4. In the automated Thank You email that is sent once clients sign up for your services include a Timetrade link. Timetrade is a scheduling assistant that can link with your other Outlook or Google calendars to make scheduling easier.


And you’re done! Every time you now have a prospective client who is interesting in purchasing your services simply send them the landing page you made in Step 1 and the rest will automatically fall into place. Make sure to test out your system several times before sending it to a customer. And, as you refine your process you can start creating different lists and automated emails.


Option 2

 This option is a bit more complicated and is for business owners who are looking for a more comprehensive system that will not only help client sign-up but also keep track of prospective clients and want more data or analytics.


  1. Sign up for a CRM that easily syncs with your other programs. I personally chose SalesForce because it syncs with Outlook, Timetrade and Quickbooks. If you are looking for a less expensive option you might want to look at Less Annoying CRM or VTiger which also syncs with MailChimp and Paypal. The important thing with CRM software is knowing which other programs they are compatible with so that you are not having to open 6 different programs every morning.


2. Once you have chosen your CRM software make sure to sign up for a Free 30 day trial to ensure that it is the right program for you. Once you have decided it’s time to link everything up. First, Important your contacts and sync up any 3rd party software i.e. mailchimp, quickbooks, paypal etc. Input any prospects or leads you may have and segment your sales as necessary. This step takes the longest, but if you take the necessary time then you will not go through frustrated weeks trying to understand how everything fits together. I recommend putting 2 hrs aside each weekend during your trial period to really make the most of it.


3. Once your CRM system is set and synced with all other programs i.e. Paypal, MailChimp, Outlook, Google calendar etc. then the steps are relatively simple. Once a client is interested in your offer send them a squeeze page/landing page similar to what was created in Option 1. You can create this easily as a word document and save it as PDF.


4. Follow the same steps as Option 1 only you will not need 1shoppingcart since your CRM will be acting as the host for automated emails and keeping track of sales (depending on it capabilities).


Setting up any system can be a painful and time intensive project so it’s important to take the time and vet which program is right for you. Also, if you want to save yourself a lot of headache you can hire an IT professional or VA to set up your system for you once you have chosen the program you want to use.


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Deborah Asseraf is founder & CEO of Popcorn Productions, a company that explodes awareness for businesses through tailored campaigns. Popcorn Productions produces exclusive events, video products and specialty products aimed at spreading the word through interactive environments. Loving every minute of being an Entrepreneur, Deborah started the Social Pulse, a blog devoted to addressing important, fun and educational issues for and about entrepreneurs, business owners and the buisiness savvy.
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