The Reader's Turn

I’m not a race fan, be it cars/horses/dogs/etc. But, decades ago (I’m old), I saw two minutes of greyhound (dogs not buses) races. A fake rabbit would race around the track to get the dogs to “race” as fast as they could. Today, I see entertainment provided by our brilliant state government: COVID Racing.

This new sport has replaced the rabbit-and-dog race. Now, though, the chasers (thousands of new costly government employees) have replaced the greyhounds. Their job is to chase the little bugs; only now they cannot see the target, unlike the dogs who could see the fake rabbit. Their task seems to be to chase the little unseen bugs who originate from “positive tested people” to anyone they’ve “contacted” in the last week or two. Interesting job.

My guess: Just like the greyhound, they will never get to the rabbit (virus). A stupid, costly race? Thousands of new taxpayer-funded state employees with absolutely no chance to actually catch the little bugs or slow the race are on the state payroll? Think “winning the lottery” with taxpayers buying all the tickets. What do the ticket buyers win?  Entertainment provided by the state?

However, there is a plus to this ridiculous government effort. The taxpayer is now employing people (even though they’re job is worthless). Real people are, uh, working and, uh, making a living. I’m all for that. Too bad they'll never actually catch “the rabbit.”  Waste of time; waste of taxpayer money.

Opinion: The virus is going to do what it’s going to do. People will suffer (like all other historical epidemics). Chasing rabbits will not really help, but it might prolong the epidemic, resulting in the same effects in the end.

So, let’s get the country (not new useless government employees) back to work.

(P.S. Governments screw up everything they “control.”)

Paul Kartinen