Conscience Over Profit: Organ Killings in China

Conscience Over Profit: Organ Killings in China

April 26, 2013

Epoch Times:

I love your newspaper’s journalistic honesty, at least as honest as any human beings are capable of reporting anything. I live in Mountain View and I read your SF Bay edition weekly without fail. The Chinese community here is large, in great part due to the lure for educated Chinese to come to the heart of the Silicon Valley. I wonder how many of the Chinese here read your paper and its weekly reports of the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

I am a prolific inventor, and one of my more important inventions is what I call the “broad-spectrum fractional sequestration combustion gas liquefier” (BS/FS CGL). This complex system actually functions on a simple concept of nature. Beyond this statement I will not divulge anything more other than to say that this invention holds substantial promise in the Holy Grail quest to capture and sequester all greenhouse gases produce from the burning of fossil and bio fuels.

In 2011 China learned of my invention through an MIT scientist who was born and raised in China. He was introduced to me by a mutual friend. He conveyed to his science and engineering contacts in China the importance of my invention as it might be applicable to clean coal technology. China is now the #1 consumer of coal and is responsible for the greatest pollution from the burning of coal.

In 2012 I came very close to negotiating a deal with China on this invention but then I started reading the articles in Epoch Times about the torture and murder of the Falun Gong people and how the Chinese government has murdered tens of thousands of its political prisoners (including the Falun Gong) to harvest organs sold on the international organ market. Once I started reading these articles in your newspaper I decided I could not do business with China. They had offered $60-million in R&D funding which was very tempting, but my moral integrity means more to me than money, so I walked away from the negotiations.

My invention might never come to fruition because of the large investment necessary to bring it to economies of scale, but at least I can live with myself knowing that I am not taking blood money from China.

Jeffrey Van Middlebrook
Invention Dynamics, Inc.
Mountain View and Los Altos, CA