CNET Founder Halsey Minor Lost Fortune Because of Depression

Contrary to popular opinion, it wasn’t bad investments that caused Halsey Minor to declare bankruptcy in 2013—It was depression.
Valentin Schmid

Halsey Minor has seen it all. He made millions founding tech legends like and building in the 1990s. 

He then withdrew from the world plagued by a severe bout of depression which took him six years to overcome.

He ended up losing his fortune when he declared bankruptcy in 2013. Since then rumors have abounded about how he could have lost hundreds of millions of dollars. 

In this exclusive and in-depth interview, Halsey Minor for the first time tells Epoch Times why he really had to declare bankruptcy, how he beat the disease that killed his father, and how he came out stronger in the end, in a powerful story of transformation.  

Valentin Schmid is a former business editor for the Epoch Times. His areas of expertise include global macroeconomic trends and financial markets, China, and Bitcoin. Before joining the paper in 2012, he worked as a portfolio manager for BNP Paribas in Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Hong Kong.
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