Claudine Barretto Dead? No, Latest News is Filipino Actress Hasn’t Died; Mother Speaks Out

Claudine Barretto Dead? No, Latest News is Filipino Actress Hasn’t Died; Mother Speaks Out
Zachary Stieber

Claudine Barretto’s mother has come forward and insisted that her daughter is not dead, contrary to rumors that said that the actress had died from a drug overdose on May 27, 2014.

Rumors circulated online that said Barretto died from overdosing on an unspecified drug, but her lawyer said that the rumor was a hoax. Even established media outlets such as ABS-CBN initially fell for it.

Ferdinand Topacio, Barretto’s lawyer, said that it was a “cruel joke” and admonished whoever is responsible.

Now Claudine’s mother Mommy Inday says that her daughter is “very much alive & kicking.”

Inday released a statement that is as follows:

““For your kind info that dates back to days when people are kind because there is something to be used from one who is useful and kind, Mariole tthere is news circulating that ‘Claudie had OVERDOSED and DIED’ Wish lang NG some EVIL people! Not True- Claudine is very much Alive & Kicking and about to kick those who do not stop kicking and putting Down one who is already Down thanks to IPIS Isip people! Pls help inform other Thank you from God and yours truly !”

Meanwhile, Claudine recently railed against her sister Marjorie after Marjorie questioned Topacio’s comments.

“Why Marjorie, have you been trying to insult me for the longest time. And now even your daughter openly disrespects me. Teach your daughter manners and values,” she said.

“Are you trying to insinuate or are you being very MALICIOUS again of my being close to my lawyer? Refrain from putting MALICE & QUESTIONING my relationship with my lawyer or anyone,” she said.

Claudine continued, “You are right Atty. Ferdinand Topacio IS NOT A BARRETTO or part of the family. but let me remind you so is RECOM ECHIVERRI one who has a family of his own and children of his own. Never will he be a part of our family NOR WILL YOU EVER BE A PART.”