Chinese Communist Party Withdrawals Exceed 280,000

Chinese Communist Party Withdrawals Exceed 280,000
A Tuidang rally in the United States. (Epoch Times)

When Epoch Times published the editorial series "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" on November 19, 2005, it set off a wave of resignations from the Communist Party around the world. The number of resignations from the Communist Party and its various affiliated organizations surpassed 280,000 today, as many mainland Chinese have been wanting to resign from the party. In Hong Kong, Party Resignation Service Stations have been set up on the streets to facilitate public resignation from the party.

Zhang Zihong, of Huang Daxian's Party Resignation Service Station, indicated that, to her knowledge, there were many who wished to resign from the party after reading the "Nine Commentaries," but did not have a channel to do so. In order to provide a means for people to resign, she and some other volunteers joined The Global Communist Party Resignation Service Center and helped establish the Party Resignation Service Stations on Hong Kong streets, which provide people who wish to resign a place to do so. Some signed their resignation at a location in Jianshaju as soon as the facility was set up.

The resignation stations have display boards, updates on the number of party resignations worldwide, news, "Nine Commentaries" booklets, and party resignation forms. Zhang Zehong stated that although her daily work keeps her very busy, she was glad to have found the time to help maintain a "Resignation Station" on the street because she recognized how meaningful this matter was. She commented, "People in China and the entire Chinese race have been held under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rule for over 50 years. In the shadow of the CCP, the essence of human nature has been twisted, and Chinese traditional culture has almost been totally destroyed. Only by resigning from the communist party and ending all association with the CCP will the Chinese people have a good future."

In February of this year, Epoch Times , along with other organizations, formed The Global Communist Party Resignation Service Center to help Chinese expatriates world-wide to publish their resignations from the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, or any of it affiliates.

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