Chinese American Says the Left, Big Tech Reminds Him of Communist China

Chinese American Says the Left, Big Tech Reminds Him of Communist China
Gary Yang attended a Stop the Steal rally in Lansing, Michigan on Nov. 21, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

LANSING—Gary Yang attended a Stop the Steal rally for freedom.

"And that's what I came here for 25 years ago," he said at the rally in Lansing, Michigan on Nov. 21, 2020. "This is the country I came to for liberty."

"And we've seen in recent years that liberty has been slowly but steadily eroded," said Yang, who came from China, a communist country.

"I personally witnessed how people cannot even speak their mind, how they get attacked by the left for just expressing their opinions, for just saying 'Trump is my president.' This kind of fear is what I've seen in China," he said.

"Freedom of speech is completely controlled by fear of being attacked by the left, it's really the same playbook as the communists in China," he said. "And look at what Twitter and Facebook have done, look at this event, this event was taken down by Facebook just because they don't like different opinions."

"Freedom of speech that happens only when you agree with me, that's not freedom," he said. "My point is, if we have no freedom, we have nothing, absolutely nothing. It doesn't matter what system you have, it doesn't matter what recount you have, it's gone."

"With this election, we're not saying we won't recognize the result, no, we want it legal. Legal voting, every legal vote should count," he said. "I think there's a lot of irregularities we've seen in this election. I've seen a lot of things that concern me, especially with the mass mail-in votes with a lot of opportunity for fraudulent activities. And until we're convinced there's no fraud, until there's a full audit of this election, this election cannot be fair."

"My vote matters and your vote matters and it only matters when it's legal and fair," he said.

"I fully support Monica Palmer and Bill Hartmann for their courage to stand up to irregularities in Wayne County," he added. He was referring to the two who voted against certifying votes after witnessing anomalies, despite being doxxed and verbally harassed and threatened, actions that are "as low as you can get.

"We really admire her courage, and that's the true American spirit," he said. "We just cannot allow this country to be run by thugs. Bullies and thugs."

"Lay out your reasons for why you disagree. That's fine. That's civil discourse. But threatening their family? Threatening children? My God. We cannot allow this country to get down to that level, we just cannot. That's why we came here, that's why we're expressing our opinions, and we want a legal election," he said.

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