Forced Birth Control Kills Mother and Child

Her pregnancy was not permitted under the local policy, so she was forcefully aborted, resulting in the death of mother and child.
Forced Birth Control Kills Mother and Child

A forced abortion under China’s one child policy killed a mother and her 9 month old fetus in east China’s Guancheng Town, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province on June 12.

According to a doctor from the hospital where she died, the Birth Control Office staff kidnapped the unnamed mother and took her to the local hospital to force her to have an abortion. Because of her advanced maternal age, her pregnancy was not permitted under the local policy. The doctor said that the woman fought with all her strength attempting to protect the unborn baby.

There were no other family members present; however, nearly 20 birth control staff members were present.

“The baby was completely healthy and able to live if born naturally. Everyone was saddened seeing the woman struggling and fighting back. There wasn’t much anybody could have done because of the local policy,” said the doctor.

Half a dozen men pushed the woman down on a bed and injected her with a drug to induce labor. The woman fought desperately and got away twice, but not the third time.

In the early morning of June 12, the woman had repeated pains in her abdomen. At around 6 a.m., she had a stillbearth. The injection had poisoned and killed the fetus.

According to the doctor, immediately after the woman’s placenta was passed, she had a massive hemorrhage. She died after hospital staff attempted an emergency rescue.  

An insider disclosed that at the time of death, her husband was not present. The head of the village signed her death certificate.

After the death, the local regime mobilized police and forced the family to accept a compensation of 210,000 yuan (US$30,000) with the condition the officials could immediately cremate the body.

The news was posted on the Internet, and many bloggers condemned the murderous act and stated they were aware of similar cases happening in other areas also.

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