China in Focus (Dec. 30): CCP Virus Cases Surge, Medical Staff Silenced

NTD Television

Hospitals have closed in a northeastern Chinese city due to the CCP virus pandemic. And in Beijing, medical staff are told to keep notices from authorities confidential.

Two Chinese geniuses—father and son—both lost their lives. One at the hands of the CCP’s brutality three decades ago, the other by the virus this week.

There has been unusually cold weather in China. A city worker was frozen to death on the street. Farmers are suffering from wind and snow.

A Chinese court has sentenced ten Hong Kong activists to up to three years in jail. They crossed the border illegally into mainland China in an attempt to flee from Hong Kong to Taiwan by sea.

And the European Union and China have approved an investment deal. The CCP has promised a lot. But can it keep its promise?

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