Tech Experts Call for Uniform Voting System

Kevin Hogan

With a hotly contested presidential election on our hands, tech experts are voicing their concerns about the equipment used to count votes.

Arthur Rosenfield has 20 years experience in systems administration and Internet servers. He says we need a better system that can confirm who a registered voter was for any given ballot.

“I think from the standpoint of a voter integrity across the whole country, I think there needs to be a standardized and very well managed and policed electronic system, or we should revert to a paper system,” he said.

The founder of Cyber Summit USA, Bedford Rand, advocates for an up-to-date voting system. He says that with voting machines that range from a few months to up to 12 years old, there’s no software update that can immediately fix a problem. Conversely, if the machines are uniform and regulated, a patch can be digitally sent out to fix the problem quickly in the event of a breach.