California Voter Says Slow Erosion of Freedoms Is What Communists Did in Vietnam

California Voter Says Slow Erosion of Freedoms Is What Communists Did in Vietnam
Thuan Phan attended a Stop the Steal rally in Huntington Beach, California on Nov. 28, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.—Thuan Phan, originally from Vietnam, has been attending rallies in support of President Trump every weekend for two months along with “quite a big group” of people from the Vietnamese American community, he said.

They admire the president’s principled stance against Communist China, Phan said; Vietnam was ravaged by communism, largely due to the Communist Party being in power in China. The evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party never ceased, as we see with its use of slave labor and labor camps even today, Phan added.

“So to me, the president’s done a good job with foreign policy,” he said at a Stop the Steal rally in Huntington Beach, California, on Nov. 28, 2020. Thousands have been protesting against election fraud in similar demonstrations every Saturday since Election Day.

Phan wants people to know there is vast support for Trump from minority communities, “from Latinos, from black people, from Asian Americans,” he said. The president’s policies in criminal reform, job creation, and against socialism are things these voters really care about, he explained.

“I support the way, the policies he’s done for our country,” he said.

With such visible and vocal support, Phan says the election results have seemed suspicious. Even in California where he voted, a notoriously blue state, the use of mass mail-in ballots have made many residents feel the election was not secure, he said. After all, he received a ballot by mail way back in September.

“That’s a big chunk of the ballots, by mail, and people can steal the ballots, do whatever you want, and send it back,” he said.

And this didn’t happen in isolation, Phan explained, the reasoning for the mail-in ballots was the pandemic, which was also used to restrict where people could go and how for many months.

“And this is really scary, because I lived in a communist country, and what they do is they squeeze you, little bit by little bit,” he said. “And by the last time, they will shut you down.”

“So today out demonstration’s not just for Trump, but to tell people you have to raise your voice. That’s special, in the US, you have amendment number one: let people raise their voice and tell the truth,” he said. “So for me it’s important to see a lot of people, especially from the Vietnamese community, because they escaped from the communists of Vietnam, so they understand a lot of pain. A lot of Americans, especially young Americans here, they have a good time, they don’t know anything, they get brainwashed from schools and universities so they know fancy words, but faced with reality, they will know.”