Bridesmaids Walk Down Aisle With Adoptable Puppy Bouquets

Bridesmaids Walk Down Aisle With Adoptable Puppy Bouquets
French Bulldog puppies. (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)
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A bride from Iowa posted photos of herself and her bridesmaids with their hands full of puppies instead of bouquets.

At her wedding on Sept. 9, Samantha Clark used rescue puppies as a way to raise awareness for the need to adopt shelter dogs. She got the idea from seeing others do it on Pinterest.

The bridesmaids carried dogs instead of flowers as they walked down the aisle. AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport handed over the dogs for the occasion. The puppies are also up for adoption.

Photos of the 23-year-old and her unique wedding went viral. The 8-week-old puppies are chiweenies, a mix of chihuahua and dachshund breeds. AHeinz57 posted the photos to its social media pages. The photos led to demands from people wanting to adopt the animals, reported Huffington Post.

The pet rescue group had just taken in about 100 animals that needed new homes after Hurricane Harvey, so the shelter was happy to offer some of them for the wedding. Clark said the puppy situation went smoothly.

“They were a huge hit. The bridesmaids were ecstatic to hold them down the aisle. It all flowed very perfectly.“ said Clark to Inside Edition. ”There was no accidents with the puppies. They were the best well-behaved puppies I’ve ever dealt with. They did not yip. They did not cry. They were more than content in the arms of the bridesmaids.”
The couple put a book listing other adoptable pets on a table at the wedding. They also used a dance to raise money for AHeinz57.

“AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport is a foster-based rescue organization based in Iowa. We are committed to saving homeless animals and providing them comfort through our many services only made possible by our staff and team of volunteers,” reads the website ofthe pet rescue group.

“We are committed to saving homeless companion animals, assisting other shelters/rescues through rescue transports, offering in-home training to keep dogs in their current homes, and educating the public on the issues of pet over-population, responsible pet ownership and puppy mills,” according to AHeinz57’s mission statement.

Clark owns three dogs.

“I don’t think anyone thought I was crazy enough to really go through with it,” Clark told the Des Moines Register. “Everyone loved it.

“You can’t deny puppies.”