Biker for Trump Says They Tried Too Hard to Turn a Red State Blue

Biker for Trump Says They Tried Too Hard to Turn a Red State Blue
Jim Williams led Bikers for Trump from Arizona to Virginia on Nov. 21, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

Jim Williams organizes Bikers for Trump in Arizona, but on Nov. 21, he was in Virginia with dozens of others on their way to support the president.

Arizona is a key battleground state, and Williams says he's "one of those that believes there was some funny business going on with the vote."

Some media have called the state for Biden, but "I don't believe it for a minute," Williams said.

"There is no way Arizona is blue. I was born and raised in Arizona; Arizona's a red state, Arizona's a free state, and Arizona's a Trump state," he said. "We've got rallies back there for Trump, we've got MAGA drag parades 96 miles long, we've got rallies every weekend, there's no way that Biden beat Trump in Arizona."

"Everybody's pretty upset about it because everybody feels the way I do," he says of the people he knows from Arizona. "You'd be hard pressed to find a Biden supporter in Arizona. Maybe once in a great while you'd see someone with a Biden sticker or something but overall Trump is huge back there, he can't even fit everybody in where the rallies are at."

"It doesn't make sense to me and everybody's pretty upset about it, but I think what everybody is most upset about is not being able to cast a vote and know that you did your duty and it's going to be good. Everybody wants to know that it's on the up and up," he said.

"And when there's doubt, when they cast this much doubt on it, especially trying to turn a red state blue as hard as they did, it brings a lot of doubt," he said. He knows people who protest daily, plus there are big protests every weekend, he added.

"What they want to know is that their vote counted," Williams said. "We all want to know that our vote counted. When they cast dispersion on the whole system and then say, well, we'll throw out some of them, some of them we did count, some of them we didn't count, some of them were flipped, nobody wants to hear that. If Biden won fair and square so be it. But I just don't believe it happened, not with the support he got in Arizona."

But Williams wasn't in Arizona on Saturday, he was on his way to Washington as a part of the DC Freedom Ride 2020 with Bikers for Trump.

"Because we want to let our president know that wherever he is, we'll support him," he said.

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